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Balkans & Black Sea Forum 2018
Leadership | Economics | Synergies
30 May - 1 June 2018 | Athens, Greece








Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum is an independent & nonpartisan economic platform powered by private & public institutions and supported by a number of international and regional organizations, aiming at identifying, strengthening & promoting economic relations, business opportunities, cross‐border cooperation and sustainable growth & development across the South & Central East Europe and beyond.


True international outlook, substantial content and cross-sectoral agenda, where leading business- and policy makers taking thesis for economic and political matters about cohesion, capacity building and best practices’ transferability.






A powerful networking platform for distinctive speakers and hi-level representatives from the public, business and the diplomatic world focusing interaction in policy shaping and business making reflecting South & Central East Europe and beyond..


Flags_banner_500Χ250Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum focal areas:

  • EU, Balkans, Black Sea perspectives
  • Sustainable Development Goals 2030
  • Maritime, Transports, Infrastructures & HUBS
  • Digital Markets, Crossover Economies
  • Energy Affairs
  • Women in leadership
  • Higher Education, Business Innovation
  • Green Growth & Circular Economy
  • Culture & Sustainable Tourism