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Balkans & Black Sea Forum 2018
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30 May - 1 June 2018 | Athens, Greece

Important Information for 2017 Forums’ Delegates

Dear Delegates,

Thank you in advance for attending the Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum 2017 which will be held in Serres-Greece on May 25th& 26th 2017.

You are kindly requested to read carefully following practical information with regards to your attendance, in order to secure a well-organized welcoming and hospitality during your stay in Serres.
A) Delegates’ conference registration

  1. For emergency reasons, please provide us your mobile number and your e-mail that you have access to your mobile. If you travel with a spouse, please provide this information for that person too.
  2. Access to the conference, the meals (luncheons & dinners) and the social program (excursions of May 26th) is granted only to persons holding a valid conference registration. Spouses without registration are excluded of any kind of services provided to delegates.
  3. Delegates without a hotel accommodation from the Forum, they need to contact the Hospitality Manager (Mrs. Athina Rousi, on Thursday May 18th to be informed about the hotel they must show up for their participation to the dinners and the excursions. Forum will exclude from those services any delegate having not collected such information and will have no responsibility for the services a delegate missed due to that reason.

B) Payments

  1. Delegates having chosen payments via bank (swift bank transfer), must settle the amount due within 3 days following to their registration. On expiration of this deadline, registrations will be cancelled automatically. After a payment is effected, a copy of the swift bank transfer must be emailed with the name(s) this payment is concerned.
  2. Regardless of the mean of payment (credit card or swift bank transfer), as soon as your registration is completed, delegates must clearly provide following for invoicing reasons: Organization, Full address, Vat & Tax authority. All invoices issued shall be delivered in electronic format.
  3. Regarding payments, delegates are required to contact Mrs. Julie Kontou at

C) Transportation to and from Serres

  1. Delegates are offered free shuttle bus transportation from Thessaloniki airport (SKG) to Serres and vice-versa, to the following dates:
  • Thessaloniki-Serres, 24 May 2017
  • Serres-Thessaloniki, 27 May 2017
  1. Transportation is only offered to delegates holding a valid registration. Spouses without registration are excluded from transportations.
  2. As aforementioned, delegates willing to be offered free transportation, are required to provide Mrs. Athina Rousi, following details:
  • Thessaloniki-Serres, 24 May 2017, Flight number, Arrival time
  • Serres-Thessaloniki, 27 May 2017, Flight number, Departure time
  1. Deadline for free transportation ends on May 11th 2017 After that time, service will be not available.
  2. Inbound transfers shuttle service timetable (May 24th) will be available online Forums’ website a week prior to the arrivals. Time table will be appearing here
  3. No free transportation from Thessaloniki airport (SKG) to Serres and v.v is provided to delegates in dates different than May 24th (inbound) and May 27th (outbound). Said delegates should arrange their transfers at their sole responsibility and expenses. More information about getting to Serres, please click here

D) Accommodations

Delegates in double rooms are kindly requested to provide Mrs. Athina Rousi,, the names of both persons occupying the room.
E) Coupon Codes

Along with your payment information (paragraph B above), delegates with coupon codes are kindly requested to provide Mrs. Julie Kontou,, the 10-digit coupon code received prior their registration.

F) Confirmations & access to the conference center

After delegates will provide above information, a unique code confirmation e-ticket, will be provided by e-mail in PDF format. A print-out of the PDF is necessary to access the zone of the conference center.

G) Be connected with Forums’ updates
Use, Like and Share with Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum social media:


Should you face a problem with your registration, please feel free to contact us.

Looking forward to welcoming you in Serres!


The Organizing Committee
Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum 2017