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30 May - 1 June 2018 | Athens, Greece

Masterplan for the interconnectivity of destinations in the BBSF region released

The Balkans & Black Sea Cooperation Forum 2017 (BBSF) which concluded in Serres, Greece on May 26th 2017, conveyed key message that stakeholders should prompt and joining forces for closer cooperation, economic growth and sustainable development in the Balkans and the wider Black Sea region.

Paving the path for enhancing multilateral relations & business opportunities, BBSF 2017 Declaration enrolled “Cultural Tourism, a key to Sustainable Development” as element to the interconnectivity of destinations in the BBSF region, held under the auspices of the Organization of Black Sea Economic Cooperation, Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions, Black Sea Trade and Development Bank, European Banking Federation and the support of UNWTO & UNESCO.

A masterplan for the interconnectivity of destinations in the Balkans & Black Sea region was presented on September 15th 2017 during a BBSF special event at the 82nd Thessaloniki International Fair, and being copied to the Diplomatic Missions of the countries BBSF is concerned, for further action with their home authorities.

Masterplan foresees at generating regional cultural-experiential routes to promoting cultural tourism, expanding growth and increasing employment, through the protection of tangible and intangible cultural heritage, stimulation of intercultural dialogue for peace & stability, and enhancement of interaction between Governmental officials, Regions, Businesses, Academia & NGO’s.

BBSF masterplan seeking to promoting off the beaten track places, prolonging seasonality, stimulating local societies, increasing hospitality, reviving sights, advancing new technologies, facilitating capacity building and reducing youth unemployment, whilst Youth will be at the forefront and heart of the project.

At stakeholders discretion is to elaborate further about the cultural & tourism connectivity in the Balkans & Black Sea region, so that the programme will be going live in late Autumn 2018 under the support and the contribution of Geo Routes Cultural Institute.

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