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30 May - 1 June 2018 | Athens, Greece
Nationality : Greece

Dr. Evangelos Vergos

Dean & Director of the Demo Farm of American Farm School
  • Speaker at SDGs Session: Education for Innovation & Sustainable Development, May 30th 2018


Dr. Evangelos Vergos is the Dean of the School of Professional Education and Director of the Demo Farm at the American Farm School–Perrotis College. Prior to his current posts, he established the Perrotis College and the Center for Agricultural Entrepreneurship and Innovation at AFS-PC.

Evangelos earned his doctorate in Reproductive Biotechnology from the University College Dublin in 1991, and in 2000, accomplished successfully a fellowship from Harvard University for graduate studies in Human Resource Management for Tertiary Education.

His current professional interests include agrofood entrepreneurship and know-how transfer through extension service for the rural community development in Greece and abroad. He has sixty one peered reviewed scientific publications in the areas of livestock production and reproduction, adult education and extension, as well as, several reported case studies in the agrofood entrepreneurship.

He is a member of the Agrofood Committee of the Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce, the Cluster of Organic Agriculture, the National Agriculture Network, and the Hellenic Zootechnical Society. He served Europe Direct “American Farm School” and Team Europe for several years, COST EU and Secretariat General of Research and Technology programs evaluation teams.

Married with 3 children.



Stewards of the Land

Agriculture rapidly evolves due to new technology applications, science simplification, environmental and bio-security issues and concerns, and new consumers’ demands, worldwide. This evolution, either leads to the development of new products, and/or to the establishment of pretentious emerging markets. To that effect, those engaged in primary production must become competitive and sustainable entrepreneurs for producing high value products that would eventually lead to bio-secure food production. Alongside, they shall preserve the environment as such in order to inherit it intact over to next generations.

Key words: Sustainability, food production, environment